Hemlock ❤️s Adventure: Catskills

Everything to do, from where to stay, explore, and relax in the Catskills!

 Catskills New York Forest

Why we went:

If you’re a city dweller you know why this trip was essential. Every once in a while you hit your limit of seeing rats on the subway or smelling stewed garbage on the street and you think, ‘I need to be in nature NOW.’ Don’t worry, I get it. That’s why I took my first road trip in a hot minute from Bushwick to the Catskills. This tiny weekend getaway provided enough fresh air for me to fully relax and re-energize myself about New York City. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

Where to stay:

I highly recommend finding a cozy Airbnb in the area so you get the full experience of living in the woods. Although we arrived at our place in Woodridge after dark, the next morning we were able to admire the gorgeous stream that was right outside our door while decked out in cozy sweaters with coffee in hand. The area was beautiful in the autumn but I’ll definitely be returning in the summer to canoe and fish more comfortably.

Where to eat:

In true campout fashion, we made dinner at our Airbnb each night. However, on our way back to the city, we stopped in Beacon. This idyllic town feels like something quaint out of a Stephen King book (but only the parts before scary things happen where the neighborhood is small and cute). We had a hearty brunch at Beacon Falls Cafe, which made the train ride back to the city from Westchester the perfect time for a nap.


 What to do:

Kaaterskill Falls is the perfect way to spend a day in the Catskills. This hike is a metaphorical and literal breath of fresh air. You can do a shortened hike to the waterfall viewing platform or you can head all the way down to the base of the waterfall, which is about 3 miles round trip. The views are their own reward, but in the summer you can cool off before your ascent to the top of the trail by letting the waterfall mist dampen your hair and face. Any time I felt tired on the trail I looked to my friend’s pug for inspiration.


The highlight of the trip was definitely Kaaterskill Falls, from every angle. Whether you’re enjoying the sights from afar or you’re practically underneath the falls, it’s a destination that feels almost magical.


The wrap-up:

I was able to take the train from Westchester back into the city after my friends and I parted ways, making this vacation an even cheaper road trip. All in all, this is a perfect destination for anyone who needs to touch grass and feel a whole lot more grounded. Bring some friends you like and leave knowing much more about them. Bring a book to read by a stream and stock up on nature photos that are begging to be your phone background. Whether you’re coming from NYC or you just want to go a bit upstate from all the hustle and bustle, the Catskills are calling.