Hemlock ❤️s Adventure: Keystone

Everything to do, from where to stay, explore and relax in Keystone, Colorado

Amy Gastineau, Adventurer

Why We Went

This was a short, last minute family ski trip before the mountain closed for the season. My family has always loved to ski (my dad at 70, still skis a few times every year). Soooo… My parents, sister and her family, myself and my two kids ventured on the 13 hour drive from Missouri to Colorado! Keystone is our favorite mountain to ski!


Where to Stay

We stayed at the River Run Village, Black Bear Condo with mountain access. Mountain access is a must! Just right outside the door is access to the gondola and you’re on the mountain getting the first and last runs of the day. 


Where to Eat

There are several fun places at River Run, right downstairs from our condo! The cutest coffee shops that we enjoyed in the mornings. Inxpot was my favorite!


What to Do

Enjoy an Après after a long day on the mountain at Steep Brewing and Coffee, 9280 Tap House or any of the other lovely establishments at River Run.



Keystone has such a relaxing vibe and allows you to take time out and rest, read a book, walk around the village shopping, and obviously do some amazing skiing. All of the employees on the mountain are so kind and personable. Summer in the mountains is amazing also, with the best weather, beautiful hikes and fun adventures! This trip was a just the reset I needed, being able to ski with my family and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Colorado  

The Wrap Up

Keystone, with its blend of adventure and relaxation, proved to be the ideal destination. From thrilling days on the slopes to enchanting evenings under starlit skies, Keystone offers a myriad of experiences that cater to all. This trip was not just a ski vacation; it was a journey filled with unforgettable moments, forging bonds across generations amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.